Vinygma is born out of our deep passion for wine, and from our desire to make wine more approachable for those who share our enthusiasm.

Our beliefs

  • Wine is as much an art as it is a science.

  • Wine is more fun when you know what you are drinking.

  • The only way to learn wine, is tasting wine.

  • Wine taste is very personal, but wine tasting is a skill.

  • Learning how to taste wines is easy and fun.

  • Wine is a way of life. It is our way of life.

Who we are

Who we are

Germano Colombo

Professional Shopper at Procter & Gamble

Vinygma CTO - Certified Tasting Officer

Born & raised in Italy, I lived and worked in the U.K., Brazil, France and Switzerland.

I have always been curious about wine, and remember my grandfather letting me sip low alcohol, aromatic Moscato every New Year's Eve since I was 5. I also remember the sound of the corks popping in March/April during unintended, spontaneous secondary fermentation in my dad's cellar: he carried a tradition of cheap bulk wine bottled at home. Our tastes diverged since then. Once I heard that reading 20 minutes a day on a subject makes you an expert in 7 years, so I put this theory to the test by attempting the exams for Professional Sommelier; in 2016 I qualified with the Swiss and International Sommelier Associations (AIS and ASSP). I believe there is history, culture, art, human development and fun in every bottle of wine, and I deeply respect those who live tending to vineyards, helping fermented juice become a precious drink, and caring for this incredible wonder of nature.

Pedro Yanez

Professional Hair Care Enthusiast at Coty Inc.

Vinygma CWG - Chief Wine Geek

Born & raised in Venezuela, Mechanical Engineer by profession, moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 2006.

I used to see wine as an accessory for socializing. Being a Mechanical Engineering student in Venezuela, you don’t really get much exposure to anything beyond beer and rum. Ok, maybe to some scotch from time to time. And with my dad having to escape Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution to start a life from scratch at 28 in Venezuela, building a wine cellar wasn’t amongst his top priorities. So I pretty much thought that wine complexity came down to being able to tell red from white. But in 2003, as I left the student life behind, I truly started appreciating wine thanks to my day job, which required me to travel and sit for countless business dinners and events, in which more serious corks were occasionally popped as part of the etiquette - thanks God -. So I realized there was much more to wine than I ever thought. Ever since, it became my personal passion and today I live to discover wine places, meet wine people, taste new and different wines, learn everything I can about wine, and spread my passion on the subject to my family and friends. I am not as poetic on the subject as our CTO, but I do believe there is a little wine snob inside everyone, and that life is too short to drink bad wine.